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If you currently pay for an elevator telephone line you are paying too much. Our cellular elevator phone line is easy to install and works with all elevator telephones and monitoring services. Why pay the expensive cost of telephone landlines when we can install a cellular elevator telephone line that are less expensive and more reliable than your existing landline service. MyLinkLine can easily provide a complete cellular installation that will result in immediate savings.

Traditional landlines are going away and you can count on the reliability of cellular elevator phone lines to maintain a communication path between your elevator phones and the monitoring service. You will also receive the benefits of increased reliability and substantial savings over conventional monthly landline charges. For additional dependability, all units include battery back up in the event of a power outage.

Cellular Elevator Phone Lines

Cut the cord on elevator phone lines. Purchase a cellular elevator phone line and save 35% or more per month!
What is the cost savings of elevator cellular phone lines

MyLinkLine provides a cost-effective solution for providing ASME 17 compliant voice communications to your elevator and emergency phones without the cost of expensive traditional phone lines.

On average our customers save 35% or more on monthly phone line fees. The cost savings of cellular elevator phone lines will vary from state to state based on your county, city and special taxing districts that may assess various taxes on wireless communication services.

For example, some states and localities require wireless carriers to collect a fee for 911 funds while others may require electronic waste recycling fees on all cellular devices.

As America’s #1 full-service elevator cellular landline provider, MyLinkLine is the only company in the industry with a team focused on handling both new and existing equipment installations in all 50 states. For a free pricing quote please contact us at 1-800-862-4001 or complete our online cellular elevator phone line quote form and we will determine your monthly fee including all applicable costs, discounts, and credits.

** Product Subject to Change
1. Strong cellular phone signal
2. Easy installation
3. Supports call waiting and forwarding
4. Make and receive calls
5. No phone line needed
6. Excellent voice quality
7. Back-up battery
    (48hr stand-by / 4hr talk time)
8. Simple operation
9. Long product life
10. Powerful signal reception
11. Clear voice communication
12  Elevator Code Compliant
13. Works with all elevator telephones
      and monitoring services.

1. 2 RJ-11 ports
2. DTMF 2'nd dial out
3. Supports 1 SIM Card
4. SIM card support
5. NI-MH battery (3.6V,1000mAh)
6. TNC Connector with CDMA antenna
7. Power input: 12V,0.5A
8. Connection mode: RJ-11 phone socket
9. Power connector: US or European
10. P15 FCC compliance - UL Rated
11. Air Interface - CDMA 2000
12. RF Frequency - 800MHz/1900Mhz
13. Operating Condition - : -10ºC ~ 50ºC
14. ASME A17.1 Compliance
Product Warranty
If any part of your elevator telephone or elevator cellular landline fails at any time during your lifetime due to a defect in material or workmanship, we will repair or, at our option, replace the defective device at our cost***

Best Price

Our guarantee is simple- we will beat anyone's lower total price by 10%**.

In the unlikely chance you find elevator telephone monitoring offered for less by any other company, call us  and we'll beat it by 10% …even up to 30 days after your purchase!

We offer the lowest rates and volume discounts.
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Why you should switch to cellular elevator phone lines now!
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Jim / Property Manager - Chicago, IL
"I do not hesitate to write an excellent review for MyLinkLine.  For over 10 years they have provided our elevator cellular landlines and monitoring service. They go above and beyond to keep you connected and happy."

Janice / HOA Manager - Orlando, FL
"For years the phone company had been overcharging us for elevator phone landlines. Recently we switched our elevator phones to cellular and saved over 60% in monthly fees. The installation was simple and the phones work perfectly."

Andy / Dallas, TX
"I have been with MyLinkLine for years. I am a fan and I will always be a customer."

Mike / Superintendent - Salt Lake City, UT
"I have used 2 other providers and have had more trouble with service and customer service issues with both. Switched 6 years ago and I am ecstatic with MyLinkLine."

Michelle / Building Owner - Los Angeles, CA
"Switched my outdated landlines to wireless a couple of years ago.  Glad we changed, we now save money every month and have had a great experience with MyLinkLine."
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